During my career as wedding DJ, I’ve accompanied Japanese, Russian, Italian, British and other nationalities of brides or grooms during their international weddings. My holistic service during the preparation and realization of your special day is fostered in my experience with weddings, but also big university, fair and company parties.

With empathy for the cultural mix among the guests and a musical variety above standard playlists, I create a cheerful sentiment and ensure unforgettable impressions for you and your guests. I build up a musical arc of suspense along your expectation starting with the marriage ceremony or reception until the last guests rest their feet from excessive dancing.

Dance and music are the golden thread that runs through my life. Musical genres kept supplementing each other over time. Starting from the Hard Rock of the late 80s to Standard and Latin dancing during my teenager years in dancing school, I was drawn simultaneously to Grunge, Metal, Hip Hop and Rock ‘n’ Roll during the 90s. In the 00s, electronic influences found their way into all genres. Over time, my sense for the right mix of Pop or Soul classics with EDM charts as well as traditional and mash-up sets developed.

Once you get to know me, you can easily grasp my catching enthusiasm for events and music. Partially taking over the role of a wedding planner, I take your wishes and ideas as highest priority. Together with you and the marriage witnesses, I look after the smallest details, to pursue perfection for your wedding day.